Monthly Archives: July 2011

It is about helping more people.

My wife was talking to a friend of ours yesterday, this friend said something that stayed with her. she shared the idea with me and it made an impact on me as well. she said,” she is duty bound to share with all of her family, friends and acquaintences something she finds that is good […]

How I got rid of Gout.

 For over ten years I suffered with a condition called Gout. I have heard all kinds of descriptions regarding this condition. “king’s disease” “rich man’s disease” “painful ” etc. whatever it was called I can tell you from personal experiences, it was not a good experience. I remember when I flew in from Argentina to […]

Running Again

in 2008, I tore a minicus on my left knee and I had orthoscopic knee surgery to repair it. and with the acute attack of gout throughout 2010 the last thing I thought of when it came to exercise was jogging. I had bad knees and the pain on my ankles was too much to bear. […]